Collection: Gingham Fully Lined “Shortie Shorts” Collection

My Gingham "Shortie Short" collection is a BEST SELLER!  These shorts are a staple in every summer wardrobe! They are so easy to grab and make that cute little shirt look even cuter!  My Shorties are made so they will not hang past your little ones knees like all the other shorts you find!  I am excited to offer a low price, high quality item that customers are passing down to younger siblings!    They are lined on the inside for better quality, but don't worry my southern customers! They will not make your little one hot due to the lining :)

Some colors are only available in the gingham seersucker fabric, and some are only available in the gingham cotton fabric! If you have a preference, please feel free to message me! If not specified, I will ship the fabric in stock.   The colors that will always be cotton gingham are: Light Khaki, Light Gray, Maroon, Kelly Green, Orange, Purple, Dark Navy.   The other colors are mostly always Seersucker gingham, but could vary at times.   They are all top sellers so you can’t go wrong with the fabric! 

I am in the process of adding front inside pockets to all of my shorties! For now, some shorties will have pockets and some will not.  Enjoy this new feature at no extra charge at this time!

Very Affordable, Great Quality, Fast Shipping, and great Customer Service!   

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